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Classic Windows Florida
Since 1986


Marv Blemly

In 1978 I moved to Florida and taught school for two years. When cut-backs in newly hired were let go, I  answered an Ad for selling energy saving products for homes; so, it involved knocking on doors  to make appointments for new  more efficient windows and doors. We had only 12 employees, but we grew very fast: by 1983 we were expanding to Tampa. We had only been there 1 week, when we found out our highly inspirational boss was killed in a car accident; well, our wise and beloved leader gone, the company couldn’t survive.

I worked a short time for three small companies, but decided it was time to go on my own in 1986. I was fortunate to get  the best installer from the former company  as well as other crews that are great also; it’s great to know that when I go on appointments, and sell these jobs, including  the difficult ones, I know my guys are going to do a good job and the customers is going to be happy.